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Plan Components

All of the 1042 components and subcomponents that make up the Plan can be searched at once.

How to use this resource

When the "loading data" message disappears, then the 45 top level Plan Components are active.

Selecting the “Show button” will display the boxes.

Mousing over any Component will display the descriptive text in the upper right.

Selecting a specific Component: Click on that Component and when the "loading data" message disappears that Component and all of its subcomponents (and sub-subcomponents, etc.) will be active.

Mousing over any Component will display the descriptive text.

Selecting any of these Components will create a pop-up window (or new tab) with the database record displayed.

The "View" option there will create a further zoomify window (with not overlays, i.e., no boxes).

Selecting the red "Reload Data" button will cause the display to return to the top level, that is, back to the 45 Plan Components.

Latin Plan Notations

Locate the Latin text inscribed on the Monastery Plan.

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