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St. Gall Monastry Plan
Plan Guide

This database presents extant Carolingian-era objects from museums, libraries, and archaeological sites that can be compared with the elements of the Plan as well as with other data bases.

How to use this resource

Through the link below, we provide access to a list that has two content columns and one link column.

The content column on the left provides a name for the object or class of objects represented by the specific object. The right column contains thumbnail of the image for each object. Selecting the thumbnail will display a larger version of the image. Selecting "CLOSE" at the lower right of the image display will return to the list.

The information link between the two content columns creates a pop-up that gives further information about the specific object.

The list is paginated, initially in blocks of ten items, with a display at the bottom indicating which items are being displayed the block (i.e., page) being displayed and the block size. One can proceed to the next block of ten by selecting the right-pointing arrowhead, and similarly to the previous block by selecting the left-pointing arrowhead.

One can go to a specific block by entering a number in the box immediately to the right of "Page".

Finally, one can change the block size by entering a number in the box to the right of "Display".

See the list of objects related to the monastic life contemporary to the Plan.