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This database provides access to the 333 inscriptions found on the Plan in Latin as well as in translation after Walter Berschin and Walter Horn.

How to use this resource

When one selects the link below, the resulting page will contain two major sections.


The larger section is a list of the inscriptions associated with the components of the Plan that are available through the selectable list at "Plan Components" under "Search" in the main menu bar.

The list has two content columns and two link columns.

The content is first the Latin transcription and second an English translation of that Latin. The slashes (/) in the content fields indicate a "line break" in the inscription on the Plan.

The list can be organized by an alphabetic sort on either content column. Just select the column heading, i.e., Latin Notation or English Notation, and the list will be sorted on the contents of that column. Selecting the heading again will reverse the order of that search.

The link columns access, via the "Name" link the record describing the Plan Component that is associated with the inscription and via the thumbnail an view of the area of the Plan associated with that Plan Component that contains the inscription.


In the upper section one can search words and strings of letters found in the inscriptions.


Access list and search here.