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The Making of the Monastery Plan

Consisting of five separate pieces of parchment and evidencing several colors of ink, the Plan appears to have been constructed in phases.

In order to better understand the alternative steps by which the Plan was created, we have created a step-by-step display. In this display, there are three primary areas. At the top is an overall view of the "network" of possible progressions. Each step in that overall view is selectable. Upon selecting a particular step, a description of that stage of Plan creation is given in the middle area of the display. In the bottom area a larger version of our depiction of the state of the Plan at that stage is shown. In addition, one or more arrows are shown on the right and left indicating the options for the next and previous, respectively, steps. Selecting any of the arrows will change the step displayed in the bottom area and highlighted step in the top area.

Click here to go to the depiction of the step-by-step process.

Click here to view an animation of the folding process. [a high-speed connection is needed for this 20MB file.]