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Walter Horn and Ernest Born

The Plan of St. Gall: A Study of the Architecture & Economy of, & Life in a Paradigmatic Carolingian Monastery

By Walter Horn and Ernest Born
Foreward by Wolfgang Braunfels, a translation into English by Charles W. Jones of the Directives of Adalhard, 753-826, the Ninth Abbot of Corbie, and with a note by A. Hunter Dupree on the Significance of the Plan of St. Gall to the History of Measurement (= California Studies in the History of Art 19), 3 volumes, Berkeley/Los Angeles / London 1979.

Volume One

Plan of St.Gall: v.1

I. Previous Literature, Origin, Purpose and Special Problems
II. The Monastery Church
III. The Cloisters & The Abbot's House
IV. The Monastic Polity

Volume Two

Plan of St.Gall: v.2

V. The Guest & The Service Buildings
VI. The Plan of St. Gall & Its Effect On Later Monastic Planning

Volume Three

Plan of St.Gall: v.3

Appendix I. A Catalogue Of The Explanatory Titles Of The Plan Of St. Gall
Appendix II. The Customs Of Corbie (Consuetudines Corrbeienses), a translation by Charles W. Jones
Appendix III. The Significance Of The Plan Of St. Gall To The History Of Measurement, by A. Hunter Dupree