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Hilfsmittel | Regula Benedicti


The Rule of Benedict (Regula Benedicti) was one of the most influential monastic rules in medieval Europe. Attributed to a sixth-century abbot of Montecassino, it provided guidance on all aspects of monastic life, from the cultivation of humility to the practical management of a community of monks. In the Carolingian period, it was promoted as the primary rule for monasteries in the Frankish kingdoms, yet in most monasteries it was supplemented by local traditions or other monastic literature. At Reichenau and St. Gall, it was clearly held in high regard, with multiple copies extant in chapter books (St. Gall, SB Cod. 914, St. Gall, SB Cod. 915, Karlsruhe, LB Perg. Aug. 128, and Zurich ZB Rh. Hist. 28).

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